Your Daily Schedule Automated!
InstantPlan is the all-in-one productivity platform built around time. We instantly create optimal daily schedules based on your priorities, deadlines, and availability; update them automatically when plans change; report on where your time went—in one simple-to-use tool.

See all time you have available. Simply drag a project you want to work on to schedule tasks from it.
Your daily schedule here. Complete, remove or reschedule tasks from here.
Automatically plan tasks up to the end date visible. No more manual dragging of things. And when you need to reschedule? Just press a button again!
Time Intelligence
Time Tracking & Reports
To-Do Lists + Calendar
  • Manually Plan Your Days. Time-consuming.
  • No single place to see available time. Leads to oversubscribing.
  • Tasks are done/not-done only. Hard to track progress on your tasks.
  • No way to quickly re-plan. Things change or take longer/faster. And you're forced to move things manually again. Unnecessary busywork.
  • No way to report on time spent. Without extra time trackers, there is no way to know where your time went.
  • Multiple tools. Extra cognitive load and need to sync them manually.
  • Instant Plan built automatically. Save time daily.
  • Everything takes a slot in calendar. Set realistic expectations, can't oversubscribe yourself.
  • Mark "sprints" done. Check things off, even if you haven't fully completed them.
  • Replan Instant Anytime. Things changed? Update your plan with one click. Never been easier.
  • Report on time. InstantPlan knows what you've done, analyze it to get better.
  • Sync external calendars. Take the best features of external calendars and bi-directionally sync them with InstantPlan.
  • Recurrent Slots. Use templates for typical days and make planning even faster
  • Vacation Pauses. Going on vacation or need a focus day. Change your day in one click. No more manual moving of recurrent events and rescheduling tasks.
  • ... and many more features unlocked
old way
New way
Single device plan is always free. No risk. Data stays on device.
Too many people are overworked, oversubscribed, and under constant stress. That's because humans are bad at counting time. And most of the popular productivity tools just ignore time altogether.

We're on a mission to fix this! So people can spend the most precious and limited resources wisely.
Your time at a glance.
Your plans at an instant.
Planning ahead is a sure way to boost your productivity. InstantPlan makes planning trivial. No digging around in multiple tools for priorities. No manual time blocks. No forgotten deadlines.

You do your work. InstantPlan manages your time.
Plan days in one click
Tell InstantPlan when you're available to work and it automatically builds a plan for you. Whether it is a day, week, month, or a free hour you suddenly have.
Tasks & Events merged together
Calendars only know what meetings you have. Todos only work you have. To build a perfect schedule, you need to know both.
Things changed? Replan in one click
Something unexpected came your way? No manual rescheduling. Just add your thing and run the planner again. Things will be neatly aligned to your priorities again.
Deadline & Time Intelligence
Need to complete something by a specific day or week? Just let InstantPlan know and it will schedule your task to comfortably make a deadline. Or notify you when you don't have enough time early.
Multi-day tasks
Most tools don't allow to schedule tasks for multiple days. You have to manually drag the task from day to day, often feeling like you haven't accomplished anything that day. InstantPlan takes care of that.
Private by default & Instant
The data never leaves your device and results in instant performance. This makes your schedule private and eliminates wasting your time on spinners. It's probably one of the fastest tools you've ever used.
All plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Full privacy and security.
Single Device
(paid annually, $6.99 paid monthly) 
(paid annually, $14.99 paid monthly) 
Single device plan is always free. No risk. Data stays on device.

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