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Automatically Schedule, Track, and Analyze Your Time for Maximum Productivity
All tools you'll ever need for productivity.
Well-familiar calendar to see or schedule things in a few clicks.
Plan your week in just a few clicks!
And when things change, replanning is easy too.
Time Intelligence
Time Tracking & Reports
From busywork to Productivity Hero in a few clicks a day.

InstantPlan is a powerful yet simple-to-use tool that puts your most valuable resource - time - at the center of your productivity. By seamlessly integrating calendars, tasks, and time-tracking, InstantPlan helps you stay organized and in control of your day. And with intelligent time-management features, such as automatic scheduling and in-depth time analysis, you can make the most of every moment and improve over time.

To-Do Lists + Calendar
  • Manually Plan Your Days. Time-consuming.
  • No single place to see available time. Leads to oversubscribing.
  • Tasks are done/not-done only. Hard to track progress on your tasks.
  • No way to quickly re-plan. Things change or take longer/faster. And you're forced to move things manually again. Unnecessary busywork.
  • No way to report on time spent. Without extra time trackers, there is no way to know where your time went.
  • Multiple tools. Extra cognitive load and need to sync them manually.
  • Instant Plan built automatically. Save time daily.
  • Everything takes a slot in the calendar. Set realistic expectations and never oversubscribe yourself.
  • Replan Instant Anytime. Things changed? Update your plan with one click.
  • Know where time is spent. Unlike to-do lists or calendars, InstantPlan can show you a report on where your time went.
  • Works with default calendars. No need to replace your existing calendars, InstantPlan will smartly block scheduled time in external calendars and bring meetings back to InstantPlan automatically.
  • Recurrent Schedules. Use templates for typical days and make planning even faster.
  • Vacation Pauses. On vacation or need a focus day. Change your day in one click—no more manual moving of recurrent events and rescheduling tasks.
  • ... and many more improvements.
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Single device plan is always free. No risk. Data stays on device.